Quebec City Hotels

Quebec City Attractions

Vieux Quebec
This is the area of Old Quebec. If you like walking through streets lined with shops and restaurants, then you will enjoy this area of the city. The cobblestone buildings and stone streets make you feel like you are in an old-world city. It is best if you can plan an entire day to walk along the streets and take in the beautiful views. This is an area full of romance and charm. There are tours of the area that you can take if you want to learn about the history of the city.

Terrasse Dufferin
This is a large boardwalk that has been built so that you have an expansive view of the water. A café is located on the terrasse if you want to grab a quick bite for lunch. You can also sit on the benches and feed the birds while watching the ships on the St. Lawrence River. It is very spacious on the terrasse. You have the freedom to walk without bumping into other tourists who are there to enjoy the same views. There is a fabulous view of the old city from the terrasse.

Morrin Centre
If you enjoy learning about historical buildings, then you should visit the Morrin Centre. This was the first jail in the city. Walking tours are offered through the day. These tours detail the history of the city as well as the jail. You will walk through the jail and see the cells as well as the administrative facilities. There is also a library housed in the building. There are activities for children to do with their parents as well as activities for children who are older.

Montmorency Falls Park
One of the things that you must do while you are in Quebec is visiting this state park. There is a beautiful waterfall that cascades over the side of a mountain. You can walk on a suspension bridge to get a better view of the waterfall. This bridge goes across the falls, and there is also a tram that takes tourists on the mountain. A restaurant is located at the top of the mountain.

Le Train du Massif de Charlevoix
If you want to see the plains of the country as well as the buildings of the city in one day, then consider a train ride. You receive meals in the price of your ticket, and a tour guide gives you information about the area while you are riding on the train. The train travels at all times of the year.