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Located on the north bank of the Saint Lawrence River, Quebec City is the second largest city in Quebec. In addition to serving as the capital of the province, the city is also an important manufacturing center and is home to the headquarters of several large companies. Like other cities throughout Quebec, French is the primary language spoken by local residents. Quebec City is a popular tourist destination, thanks to local culture attractions and the unique beauty of this quaint city.

Founded in 1608, Quebec City is one of the oldest European settlements on the continent. The charm of Old Quebec is one of the defining characteristics of Quebec City, with historic buildings and fortifications scattered throughout the area. Many tourists comment on the city's European feel, with many of the original structures built in the city still standing. The downtown area is home to more modern architecture, which is where many of the city's large corporations and companies are located.

The arts are a popular draw in Quebec City, with institutions such as the Musée National des Beaux-arts du Québec showcasing masterpieces by Quebecois artists. More than 25,000 artworks can be found within the museum. The Musée de la Civilisation is another popular museum, showcasing the unique history of the city and its development over the past several hundred years.

Local sports teams provide entertainment for residents and visitors alike, with the Laval Rouge et Or from the city's Laval University proving immensely popular. A professional baseball team, the Québec Capitales, also makes its home in Quebec City. Playing at the city's Stade Municipal, the Capitales are a member of the CanAm League.

With the provincial government located in Quebec City, the influence of the government is felt strongly throughout the region. The government is Quebec City's largest employer, with nearly 28,000 employed in its service. The National Assembly of Quebec meets in Quebec City, with the picturesque Parliament Building sitting on the city's Parliament Hill.

Quebec City's unique cultural identity, combined with the natural beauty of the region, makes visiting this Canadian gem a treat for visitors. The city's many historical attractions and annual events serve as a draw for tourists from around the globe. Quebec City's proximity to Montreal, located just 145 miles to the southwest, also makes it a popular destination for those escaping the hustle and bustle of the larger city.